Mar 1, 2021 | Community News, Events

Community Nominations Announcement

A message from ICBR Shura:

Request for Nominations:

Alhamdu Lellah the community is growing and our facilities, responsibilities, and operations are growing as well, and with this growth, we are in constant need of people to donate their time, skills, expertise, passion, prayers, and of course financial assistance. Currently, we asking the community to nominate brothers and sisters to serve on the Board of Education, which is under ICBR, but eventually and soon, it will be an autonomous body governing our GSA Community school. It will be a great responsibility and that is why we need so many candidates to select from based on the following criteria that is established by the Shura. Once nominees are interviewed, a pool of candidates will be established followed by a public election at ICBR.

All nominations must be submitted to Br. Bassem.


Criteria for Nominees:

  1. Must reside in the City of Boca Raton or in close proximity, with excellent community rapport.
  2. Must be a team player with a poised demeanor, and respect/support final Board Decisions.
  3. Must be visionary, open-minded, believe in diversity/inclusion, and avoids conflict of interest.
  4. Must be in a Halal, professional, and stable business, with no criminal records.
  5. Must commit a minimum of 12 hours a month to attend meetings, answer calls, and read emails.
  6. Must have some college education beyond high school.
  7. Must accept the nomination before it is submitted.
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