ICBR Parking Guidelines

ICBR Parking Guidelines

Please familiarize yourself with the Friday & Eid parking guidelines below. Not following these guidelines may result in your car being ticketed or towed.

It is requested that you arrive early and park your vehicle in the ICBR parking lot first, filling all the parking spaces including the curbs (parallel parking).

If the parking is full, you may park on the either sides of 5th Avenue directly adjacent to ICBR and GSA parking with signs reading “No Parking Any Time” within the locations colored in yellow in the below map and during the following times only:

  • Fridays, 12:30 PM – 3 PM
  • Eid Al-Adha & Eid Al-Fitr 7:30 AM – 10 AM

Caution:  Sandy ground in the west side of 5th avenue can get your car stuck. Select parking spot carefully.  Please hold the children hands when crossing the street.

It is strictly prohibited to park vehicles in the corner of 5th Avenue and 35thStreet. This is a protected habitat for borrowing owls (Red zone in the map below)

For security reasons, car parked overnight without permission from ICBR front office will be towed at the vehicle owner expense.  Additional parking fees by the towing company apply.

Handicap parking spaces are shown in blue color in the below map.

ICBR Parking

The city may ticket or tow vehicles that are parked:

  • In the areas with a brown signs that says “protected habitat for borrowing owl”
  • In a way that prevents emergency vehicles access or turning space
  • In handicapped spaces
  • In front of driveways or garages
  • On any sidewalk
  • Within 15 feet of fire hydrants or 20 feet of corners
  • Vehicles without tag or current registration sticker on the license plate


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