Oct 12, 2023 | Events, General, Outreach


On behalf of the Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA)

Continuing our commitment to educate and empower the community, We are delighted to inform you that MLFA will be hosting a thought-provoking town hall event and an educational video series in the coming weeks. The unfolding events in and around Gaza carry far-reaching consequences that impact us all. We understand that many American Muslims, like yourself, and their allies share a common concern—the fear of being targeted if they raise their voices against injustice. This fear extends to hesitations in providing aid to those suffering and making donations to help victims in the region. Additionally, there are worries about facing discriminatory treatment when traveling to reunite with loved ones or conduct business in the area.

In light of these concerns, we feel privileged to invite you to join us for an important virtual town hall event titled “Understanding the Law & Addressing our Fears,” hosted by MLFA. This event aims to shed light on the legal landscape surrounding Gaza and provide strategies for overcoming the fears that often accompany advocating for justice.

Date: Tuesday, October 17

Time: 4:00 PM CT

To ensure your participation, kindly register for this event by clicking on the following link: https://mlfa.org/gaza-education-series/

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