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The Islamic Center of Boca Raton will Insha’Allah acknowledge receiving the application to fund raise at ICBR during Ramadan 1441 upon submission but a determination will not be made until April 01, 2020. The deadline for submitting a fundraising request is March 25, 2020.  ICBR will send a notice via email to all applicants by April 3, 2020. Approved organizations will be notified with the visit date in the email body. Preference is given to Muslim umbrella organizations, Civil Right, Humanitarian & Relief organizations.  Islamic Centers are only considered if they agree to do a swap; allowing ICBR to conduct a fundraiser in their Masjid.

ICBR Requirements for conducting a Fundraiser during Ramadan 1441:

  • Complete the application and submit prior to 4/1/2020
  • Receive written approval by 4/1/2020
  • Commit to sponsor Iftar on the night of the Fundraising ($2,700)
  • Agree to the established guidelines below

ICBR guidelines for conducting mini fundraiser during Ramadan 1441:

  • Isha Prayer starts at 9:45 pm end takes about 10 min.  Fundraiser has about 15 min to give a short talk, introduce the organization, make an appeal and raise funds.
  • Fundraiser needs to stand immediately after the Imam finishes the Isha prayer and prior for the congregation starting the Nafila
  • Should the fundraiser goes beyond 10:15pm, this will disqualify the visiting organization and speaker from conducting future appeals at ICBR.
  • We recommend the speaker to be present for Maghrib prayer and Iftaar to network with the community and to set up a table at the Masjid lobby with flyers and pledge forms. ICBR will provide a 6ft table.
  • Speaker should coordinate with the ICBR Director to have some volunteers assist with passing and collecting pledges.  If needed ICBR can provide pens.
  • The talk & appeal must be mainly in English and the speaker MUST avoid political and controversial topics.

ICBR General Information:

  • ICBR is located 30 minutes driving from either of Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) or Ft. Lauderdale International Airport (FLL)
  • Direction to ICBR can be found in our web page
  • We recommend the Fairfield hotel for staying nearby the Masjid it is less than 5 min away. Ask for the FAU rate for a major Discount.
  • About 250-500  brothers and sisters attend the taraweeh from all ethnic groups.
  • You may mail Fundraising material few days ahead of the event to:

Islamic Center of Boca Raton
Attn: Office Manager
3480 NW 5th Avenue
Boca Raton, FL 33431