Sep 10, 2015 | General, Masjid

ICBR New Donation App

ICBR is launching a new fast and convenient way to donate.

You will notice a stand in the lobby with an iPad terminal running a custom application that allows our generous ICBR supporters to easily make a donation using their credit card or PayPal account.

Within a minute, you can contribute to one of the following causes.

  • General Sadaqa (to cover monthly Masjid expenses)
  • School Expansion (ICBR most urgent project to allow more students to attend Garden of the Sahaba Academy PreK-12 grade Islamic School)
  • Masjid Construction Loans (to pay back loans –Qard Hassan– obtained to complete the construction of the current Masjid)
  • Zakat (Restricted fund to provide assistance to needy members of the community)
  • Pledge fulfillment (Donation is credited to a previously made pledge with balance)

An email receipt is sent to you immediately after the donation.


How to use it:

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