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Invitation from CAIR-FL

img-20161020-wa0004Saturday November 19th

Invitation from CAIR-FL:

Asalamu Allaikum,

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam and Humanity,

I would like to take a moment of your time to express my personal gratitude for making CAIR-Florida the strongest Muslim Civil Rights organization in the state of Florida. I remember when I started volunteering for CAIR-Florida in 2008 and then started working in 2010. I’ll never forget the feeling of walking into an empty office and thinking, Oh Boy! But, with patience and Akhlaq, we have continued to hire and develop the strongest leaders in the country. Ghazala, Hassan, Thania, Wilfredo… the list goes on and on.

The state of our operations throughout Florida is the strongest it has ever been. We currently have 20 staff members, including 6 licensed attorneys, serving the Florida community in various capacities. We currently operate 4 offices – South Florida, Tampa, Orlando, and Panama City. All praises and thanks to Allah for our success and we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for YOU!

Alhumdulilah, we have a lot more work to do! Our community is facing an epidemic level of violence, hate crimes, hate speech, discrimination, and bigotry. We are receiving a record number of calls from the Muslim community for service that have been unjustly fired from their jobs, unjustly arrested, profiled and discriminated against during travel, bullied by fellow students and TEACHERS, physically attacked by others, Mosques being vandalized and burned down, and much more. CAIR Florida is on the front line to defend the Muslim community and preserve our civil rights and safety.

We are asking all Masajid to attend and sponsor a table at our 16th Annual Banquet, InshaAllah. We are also asking all community leaders to attend, sponsor a table, and bring some new faces to our event. Share our success with them and be proud of making our community stronger by making CAIR-Florida stronger.

Invite your family and friends – WE HAVE A SPECIAL EVENING PLANNED!

Please join us at our 16th Annual Banquet. We have a great line-up that includes Professor John Esposito, Imam Suraj Wahaj, and Hassan Shibly.

InshaAllah,  I will see you there!!!


Nezar Hamze

Regional Operations Director of CAIR-Florida, Inc.

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