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Ramadan 1438 Announcements

Ramadan 1438-2017

Ramadan 1438 Announcements

  • The month of Ramadan is confirmed to start on Saturday, May 27th,  2017, Insha’Allah.
  • The first taraweeh prayer will be on Friday May 26 after salatul Isha at 9:45pm
  • ICBR invited Hafiz  Sheikh Mohamed Al-Habahbeh from Jordan to lead the Taraweeh this year Inshaa Allah.
  • ICBR shall continue the tradition of daily community iftar in the Masjid, if your wish to sponsor one evening or part of it email: iftar@icbr.orgor call Br. Iyad at 561 755-1555.
  • If you are not able to sponsor an iftar, do not let the blessings pass you. Volunteer to one of Ramadan activities. To sign up please send an email to volunteer@icbr.orgor call the masjid at 561 395-7221.
  • Ramadan prayer calendar can be downloaded from the ICBR webpage or picked up from the Masjid.
  • Prayer time (Athan in Boca Raton) for Saturday  May 27, 2017 are as follow: Fajr: 5:00am; Duhr: 1:18pm; Asr: 4:46pm; Maghrib: 8:09pm; Isha: 9:30pm
  • Iqama time at ICBR for the first week of Ramadan is as follow: Fajr: 5;30am; Duhr: 1:30pm; Asr: 5:15pm; Maghrib: ~10 after Athan; Isha & Taraweeh: 9:45pm.
  • To keep our Masjid clean and comfortable for all, food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the prayer areas.
  • Baby Sitting is available nightly for children age 4 to 8.  Please sign up upstairs by the Women section.

We ask Allah (Ta’ala) to make us witness this month of Ramadan with goodness and security.  May Allah give us the strength to fast Ramadan days and pray its nights and to worship Him as He pleases.

Ramadan Mubarak!


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