Mar 31, 2022 | Community News, Masjid

Daily Online Quran Tafsir

ICBR is excited to announce its first online Tafseer course this Ramadan! This is not like your ordinary Tafseer program! Some of the unique features of this course are:
a.) It’s online
b.) It’s catered to the entire family
c.) It covers the unique stories of each surah (to the kids) and the unique concepts of each surah (to the adults)
d.) It covers whatever portion of the Quran is recited in Taraweeh.
e.) It’s only 30-45 minutes long for 30 days only.
f.) It’s at a convenient time. (After work but before Iftar)
g.) It has an online Kahoot game that will be played on the weekends.
h.) Top three Winners will win cash prizes.
1st place= $60
2nd place=$50
3rd place=$40
I.) certifies will be given at the completion of the course to the attendees
j.) Knowledge of Arabic is not a requirement
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