Girl Scouts Lion Country Safari Trip

Lion Country Safari 9:am October 26, 2014

Girl scouts Lion Country Safari copyAs Salaamu Alaikum, Troop members, This weekend is our trip to Lion Country Safari. The entrance fee is $8.50 per person, camel ride is $4.00, and feeding of the animals is $2.00 the total cost for everything is $14.00. Family member who plan to attend mus send me your names and get the final fee to me by Friday or Saturday Morning. I will be at the ICBR masjid on Friday night. To meet with anyone who want to come. Extra Family members I need a total count of whose coming.  Siblings not on the list will pay extra.


Please dress in uniform; Kaki pants, white shirt, vest or sash with troop signa’s on them and closed in shoes with socks no sandals.


What to bring: Change of clothes for the Water Splash activity (long pants preferred for the girls and t-shirt or Islamic swimwear), Picnic basket or lunch for your families. extra monies for the gift shop.

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