Sep 21, 2016 | Community News, Masjid, School

Good Oil, Bad Oil – which one do you use?

good-oil-bad-oilSaturday November 5th: 8 – 9pm

When it comes to eating healthy, it starts with what you are cooking with.

Sister Momina Karapetyan Consultant Pharmacist talks to the community about REFINED OILS AND WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER EAT THEM.

With the endless choices on the store shelves it’s hard to know which to choose.  Butter vs. margarine, extra virgin olive oils, refined oils like vegetable and canola. There is evidence pointing in the direction that it isn’t animal fats causing our epidemic levels of heart disease, but vegetable oils.

Come learn what are refined oils and which ones should you avoid…leave knowing the good oils you should be using Saturday October 8th.

Door prizes and giveaways

Dinner will be served compliments of Muslim Youth club (MYC)

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