Dec 21, 2017 | Community News, Masjid, School

GSA Expansion Groundbreaking

GroundbreakingThe Islamic Center of Boca Raton (ICBR) will hold Insha’Allah a groundbreaking ceremony for Garden of the Sahaba Academy (GSA) expansion on Friday December 22 after Jumuaa prayer. The ceremony will take place on the construction site at the NE corner of GSA.


The plans call for a two-story building with a gross area close to 16,000 sqft doubling the current school size. This will help free up space in the masjid and provide state of the art facilities for our growing student population. The new building will include high ceilings and generous use of natural light, and provide a secure space of all children. By the will of Allah this campus could be ready by August 2019.

Garden of the Sahaba Academy (GSA) is a fully accredited, academically rigorous, and devotionally committed Islamic School providing classes from Pre-School to High School.  By the blessing of Allah, the school achievements, high educational standards and emphasis on “Tarbiya” have caused the school to grow beyond its capacity.

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