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ICBR Fall Performance Training

Performance Training copyFall Performance Training:

Facility: GSA grounds: Basketball court and soccer field

Start date: August25th, 2015

End date: December 10th, 2015

Sessions per week:  one session per week

Tuesday: Time:  4 to 5 pm: Ages 5 to 7

Tuesday: Time: 5 to 6 pm: Ages 8 to 11

Thursday: Time: 4 to 5 pm: Ages 12 and up


Boys: PE shirt, shorts long enough to cover the knees and running shoes

Girls: PE shirt, pants and running shoes

Bring your sports drink that has electrolytes: Gatorade or powerade for hydration fueling

Benefits of the Performance Training:

  • Increase your  speed: linear and multi dimensional
  • Increase your power
  • Increase your strength
  • Improve your flexibility and agility
  • Improve  your mental toughness
  • Stay in a great shape by losing excessive weight

Fees: $100.00

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