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ICBR Programs – Coronavirus Update

Last updated: 04/23/2020

Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh,
ICBR’s leadership continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic situation with local authorities and faith leaders, and prays to Allah for the safety and wellbeing of our community and the entire humanity at large.
Unfortunately we have reluctantly decided to keep the Masjid closed, except for few designated individuals for essential reasons.
  • The five daily and Jummah prayers continue to be suspended this month of April and throughout the entire month of Ramadan
  • There will be no daily Iftar for Ramadan.  However, Food Baskets for Muslim families in need will be provided, click here to reserve a food basket or to enter the info of someone you know who is in need (local).
  • There will be no Taraweeh, but you are encouraged to bond with family and pray Taraweeh at home. See Imam’s Fathi’s message below.
  • The Imam and Masjid Administration will be working mostly remotely and can be reached by email: imam@icbr.org and masjid@icbr.org respectively or by voice mail: 561 395-7221, extension 702 and 701 respectively.
  • Download the Ramadan calendar prayer times
Imam Fathi’s message:
Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah Mohammed, his family and companions.
The question that many of our brothers and sisters ask these days is how do we pray Taraweeh prayer at home?  Then is it permissible to follow the imam and pray with him via live broadcast?
The answer:
It is permissible for a Muslim to pray with his wife and children Taraweeh at home. Taraweeh prayer is not obligatory in Mosques, because the prayers that are required for the Muslim to pray at the Mosque are the obligatory prayers only. The Messenger of Allah, may peace and blessings be upon him, said: “The best of prayer is a man’s prayer in his house, apart from the prescribed prayers.” (Reported: Bukhari and Muslim). The Muslim should pray in his home with his wife and children, and expect the reward from Allah Almighty, especially in these times and circumstances that we are going through. It should be noted that it is permissible to carry the Mushaf (Qur’an) during Taraweeh prayers, as it was reported from Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, that she ordered Dhakwan to perform Taraweeh prayer during Ramadan, and he used to recite from the Mushaf. (Bukhari).
As for following the imam through the direct broadcast of Tarawih prayer, this is not valid and contradicts the statements of the four imams and the masses of scholars. Scholars required the union of the place in order to follow the imam during prayer. They indicated that it does not harm the easy separator like a road, a wall, or other easy things that they mentioned in their books.
Allah knows best.

May Allah protect us all and keep our children and communities safe, Ameen.
ICBR Imam and Shura

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