Apr 22, 2019 | Community News, Masjid, Outreach

In Solidarity With The People of Sri Lanka

The Muslim community of Boca Raton expresses its solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka after the deadly terror attacks on its churches and hotels, leaving hundreds of people dead and injured on an Easter Sunday! We pray to Allah to accept the dead, heal the injured, give perseverance to the affected families and communities, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

We are still feeling the fresh pain of the two Mosques attacked in New Zeeland and the three black Churches burned in Louisiana. These senseless attacks are a total savaging of the basic human trust where lives are violated and severed while praying for peace.

We give our condolences as we stand strong together with our brothers and sisters in all faiths in condemning such acts of violence regardless of whoever does them and whoever is targeted.

Best Regards,

Bassem Alhalabi, President

Islamic Center of Boca Raton

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