Jun 24, 2014 | Featured 2014, Masjid, School

School Expansion Update

BuildingOnSuccessPC_Page_1A special thank you to all community members who joined us for the “Building On Success” event with Imam Sirraj Wahhaj. It was a beautiful event filled with delightful reflections and reminders. Fund were raised to expand our Islamic School “Garden of the Sahaba Academy” to allow for more children to be brought up in an Islamic environment.
If you were unable to attend the banquet, there are many other ways to contribute, a small gift with dua’a can go a long way with the blessing of Allah SWT. Please don’t miss this opportunity to gain reward.

We have launched an innovative website to raise funds for this project using today’s social media networks.
You can donate here or invite your friends and family to join the ‘khair’ goodness by sponsoring a campaign .

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