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Want to design your own website?

flyer-web-dev-class-final v2Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm

Instructor: Abdelrahaman Elrafa

$99 for 10-weeks course
You will need to have a laptop & Happy Attitude 🙂

Introduction to website design using HTML, CSS & Javascript.

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Ideal for complete beginners and intermediates alike, Introduction to website design empowers you with the critical web design and programming instruction that is needed to create beautiful and effective websites. No prior education in web design or computer science is necessary; however, basic understanding of computers and the internet is a plus. This course presents the student with a comprehensible, thorough walk through of the fundamentals of web design.

Through this course you will learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML is used to design the basic framework of a website, and it is built upon with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for styling and JavaScript for programming. By combining HTML, CSS and JavaScript, students in this course are preparing themselves for success in all aspects if website design and development.

About the instructor:
Abdelrahman is a self taught web design enthusiast who has been developing websites for over 6 years. A student of the internet , YouTube, Google, trial and error, he spent many years learning the tips and t ricks o f successful website design and architecture.
Abdelrahman i s the CEO of Boca Pro, a web design agency that provides businesses professional and effective websites and marketing solutions.

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