Every soul shall taste of death, and you shall only be paid fully your reward on the Day of Judgment; then whoever is removed far away from the fire and is made to enter the garden, he indeed has attained the object; and the life of this world is nothing but a provision of vanities (Quran 3:185)

The Islamic Center of Boca Raton provides funeral prayer and burial services for deceased Muslims. The ritual bathing and preparation of the body is done by Muslim Brother(s)/Sister(s) in conjunction with a funeral home. The Islamic Center of Boca Raton has close cooperation with The Muslim Cemetery of South Florida which is located at:

Bism Rabbik Foundation
17551 NW 137th Avenue,
Hialeah, FL 33020

Please contact:
Contact 1:
Br. Golan Dandia at Mobile: (954) 680-0209
Contact 2:
Br. Abdelrazak at Mobile: (786) 290-3000

The Following funeral home is used to perform Muslim funeral service.
Funeral Home Contact:
Tom Nikalati
Mobile: (786) 473–7311

Important Instructions
Please contact Br. Golan or Br. Abdelrazak first to make arrangement for washing and burial. Then call the Funeral home to make arrangement to pick up the deceased from hospital and transport to cemetery or Masjid for Salat. Janaza is conducted first, then to the Muslim Cemetery of South Florida for the tadfeen process.